Redeeming your tickets

Redeeming your festival tickets has never been easier. Every time a ticket is purchased, the customer is emailed a confirmation along with a PDF of the ticket attached. 

In order to obtain your tickets, please hold on to the PDF you've received (either by printing the file, or saving the PDF on your phone for easy reference).

Can't find the tickets in the confirmation email? Sometimes spam filters can block attachments from being retrieved, if that is the case please visit the official EventBrite tickets page in order to manually redeem your tickets. Simply enter the email address used for your order and download the tickets automatically, or make any changes you see fit.

TIP: Did you know that you can confirm your tickets on the official EventBrite app? Click here to download the app (Android/iOS) and get started.

PRO TIP: If there isn't a "Print Tickets" button, the organizer disabled PDF tickets and you don't need to print a ticket for the event. Check your order confirmation email and/or the event registration page for event instructions or contact us with any questions.

Still can't find your tickets? Please visit the EventBrite "Where are my tickets?" help page for more information.


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