I have booked tickets through a different website, do I still qualify for a bundle discount?

In order for a guest to qualify for the discount offered when bundling admission passes with a hotel, both orders must be made in the same transaction exclusively on the Findor portal. Admissions purchased on 3rd party websites cannot be bundled with hotels found on the Findor portals.

If however you have booked a hotel on our website but would like to add admission passes to your order, the bundle discount can be applied. In this particular case please contact our support team at support@findor.com in order to have the admission portion processed manually. Be sure to include the following information for a speedy transaction:

  • Name used for Hotel Booking
  • Last four digits of the credit card used (for identity-verification purposes)
  • Phone number at which you can be reached (in order to manually process the transaction)
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