I have been charged multiple times for the same booking, what do I do?

Due to certain browser issues that may arise, the possibility of a booking being charged multiple times can occur. If you believe you have been charged more than once for a single booking please contact our support team at support@findor.com immediately. It is recommended that the client consult their credit card statement to confirm that the multiple booking charges have not been refunded already before contacting support.

Make sure to not attempt to re-book your reservation, as the error might happen again. Furthermore, please include the following details in your email to our support staff, so that we can more quickly resolve the issue:

  • Name used for reservation
  • Hotel booked
  • Dates selected
  • Confirmation code of any of the bookings (if possible)
  • Total amount charged to credit card (can be found in your credit card statement)

Although we try our hardest, we cannot guarantee that you will be refunded the total amount that you were charged; the cancellation request (refund) is completely at the discretion of the hotel booked, and if the booking happens to be non-refundable complications might occur.

Please rest assured that there are multiple ways of having the charges reserved, and our support team will assist you every step of the way.

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